Scrabble Online

You want to play Scrabble online free, if you’re like me and millions of others. Period!.

Play Scrabble Online for Free

Let me play devil’s advocate for a minute. Does it ever make sense to pay to play Scrabble on the internet? If you hate to give out your private information online and hate even more to give away your money – welcome to the club! Many of us who play games online, feel just the same. Online gaming has become enormously popular because you can play at any hour of the day or night.That is one of the main reason that I am constantly researching online gaming sites that allow me to play online for free. I’m guessing that you feel the same way. That said, sometimes, yes sometimes, it does make sense to pay to play Scrabble on the web.

Advantages can be:
1. no annoying popup ads
2. ability to play at advanced levels
3. ability to play interactively with others around the world

Lucky for us, there are sites available to play free scrabble online. You don’t have to wait to schedule time with your friends and family in order to play Online Scrabble. You can play Online Scrabble anytime you feel like it with any number of smart and talented players. You may be surprised at the skill level you’ll find with online players that can help you improve your game.

We all know that the only way to get better at any game online is to play online games with someone who challenges you to try harder, think smarter. You’ll be amazed at all the new friends you’ll make from around the globe that share your passion for Scrabble.
Here are a few good sites where you can play scrabble for free.

1. Scrabble is the official site from Hasbro and offers you a true, real Scrabble experience online. You can play Scrabble as a guest or sign up for free if you want to keep a record of your scores. An added bonus is that You can play against other players on

Scrabble Online

2. Facebook Scrabble

Scrabble has an official Facebook app that allows you to test your word knowledge against your friends on Facebook. Don’t have a Facebook account? Sign up for free at Then just type “Scrabble” in the search box to bring up the Scrabble app. Next you’ll select “Create a Game” and you can invite up to three of your Facebook friends to play. Or you can choose to join a public game.

3. Scrabble on your Smartphone

Mobile gaming is extremely popular and it comes as no surprise that Scrabble is at the forefront. Scrabble Online has an official app at the iPhone App Store, Android Marketplace and BlackBerry App World. You do need to purchase these in order to play on your smart phone. A free alternative to consider is Words with Friends for the iPhone. Mobile online Scrabble allows you to ‘take turns’ thereby allowing you to play whenever you have a chance even over the scan of days.

4. Lexulous Scrabble-like

You may have heard of some licensing issues that Lexulous had with the Scrabble trademark. Not to worry, Lexulous, originally called Scrabulous, changed their name and is a free web-based crossword game that allows you to play on Facebook or your smart phone. It mimics, looks and feels like Scrabble and features a practice mode. With the practice mode, you sharpen your skills by playing against LEX the robot. You are also able to play online with others players in case all your friends are too busy to come out and play.

5. HubWorld Scrabble

Another bright spot to play Scrabble is They are one of the very few places able to get licensing from Hasbro and therefore can officially be called Scrabble. offers Scrabble Sprint which is one player version of Scrabble online.